Potain MC and MD are hammer head tower cranes.

Potain MC is a city crane: its medium weight lifter has a maximum capacity of 5000kg.

Potain MC 85 B is available with up to 50m of jib length and 34m of tower.

Potain MC 85 B – Details
  • Square tower section: 1.1m X 1.1m
  • Construction: on site, out of small sections with many different configuration options.
  • Can be controlled directly from the cab or remotely by the operator.

Hammer head Tower Cranes Potain – available products

Potain MC 85 B – Hammer head tower crane

Max capacity, t (US t):
5 (…)

Jib tip max. capacity (full jib), t (US t):
1.3 (…)

Max jib length, m (ft):
50 (…)


Potain MD 208 – Hammer head tower crane


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